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International Swimming School in Indonesia (Bandung)

Hello world. Happy to be on vacation and visit to Indonesia. Yes ... welcome to Indonesia and enjoy the beautiful city of Bandung, a city cool place to enjoy the beauty of life.
Having exhausted stroll to enjoy the city, enjoy the food, and a variety of tourist and cultural activities in the city you may feel tired, then it is time for relaxation. One with a swim.
In the city of Bandung, precisely in Dago area, which is famous for its hills region can look to see the beautiful city of Bandung. There is a place for those who want to enjoy the sensation fresh of water with an exclusive atmosphere that Club House Kencana, Dago Resort. In this place there is also a garden pond is very comfortable and exclusively a training ground swimming namely Bandung Inter-national Swimming School.

School swimming pool is in the form of training for all age levels from children to adults. Some examples of excellent programs that swimming schools, private pools, baby swim, hydrotherapy, and others. Would be supported by a team of energetic and professional language that makes participants international pool is very fun and joy.
In this same place, there are various facilities such as sports facilities, restaurants, cafes and others. So do not forget to visit the place. If you are traveling from abroad who visit Bandung area, visit this place, because it is very suitable for serving the family, especially for your children. Enjoy….
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